The Zirka Circus show is 2 hours long, with a 15 minute intermission at half time.


Zirka Circus is visiting Australia as part of its World Tour, with International artists experienced in only the Best in their class, the first contemporary circus to be owned and operated  in Australia by a woman! Owner/Manager Jeni Hou’s family has been in entertainment and circus for 3 generations.

Zirka is Circus like never before!

Bringing a fresh and exciting new look to circus in Australia. You will be amazed and dazzled by the skill, beauty, and strength of our amazing international artists.

This awe-inspiring show with death defying acrobatics – they have to be seen to be believed… Magic, Contortion, Juggling, Balancing and yes, Yes, YES! We have clowns to the left and clowns to the right with hilarious laugh a minute naughtiness.

You will gasp in amazement and fear as our acrobats perform tricks, with PRECISION AND DARING, LIKE NEVER BEFORE!!

A full two hours of non-stop entertainment, with state of the art sound systems, lighting and effects all under the Brand New Big Top. 

You can be comfortable in the knowledge that Zirka Circus is an animal free circus, with a happy family atmosphere.

Zirka Circus is ideal entertainment for ALL AGES, from 2 to 102! Satisfaction Guaranteed…

Keep an eye on our schedule, or drop us a line or email us, or follow us on Facebook www.facebook.com/zirkacircusaustralia